Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bringing the Babies Home

Sunday, July 5th, 2009, proved to be much more than ever anticipated. The plan was to visit Bella and Baxter, our 2 Pembroke Corgi puppies, where they were still living with their birth mother and father (and their human family). We had one more week before we planned to take them home with us, but quite frankly, I couldn't wait any longer! So, after a short visit, we packed them up and brought them home. (Click to enlarge picture)
Oh what fun, what fun! Baxter is on the left - the pork chop of the two; Bella is on the right - the petite little princess. As it turns out, Bella is the feisty one and definitely puts her mark on the world! Baxter, on the other hand, gets tired out quicker than Bella and, at times, looks a little defeated by her dominance. The way I look at it, they are just getting used to business.


juliemhowe said...

Regis is not as computer literate but just as cute!

Aj said...

How adorable!!