Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wasabi Visits Bella and Baxter

Bella and Baxter got their first taste of another puppy, Wasabi, a puppy much larger than they are but with the same unfettered energy!

Wasabi is a Golden Retriever who is the most adorable dog. He has the sweetest face and such a great temperament, playing gently with the puppies as if he knew he wasn't supposed to get too rough. BTW, you'll hear Baxter yelp in this video. NOTHING happened to him - he's just a bit dramatic. Sometimes during play, he'll yelp when no one is even touching him.

The interaction between the dogs was quite interesting. For those of you used to reading about Bella and Baxter, you know what Bella is the alpha around here, and makes sure we all know it. However, when Wasabi showed up she didn't know what to do and became quite submissive, hiding under the dog house most of the time. Maggie and I secretly cheered because ol' Bella sorta needed to be humbled a bit.

Baxter, the passive one, was only a little leery of Wasabi at first, but as time went on, it almost seemed like Baxter had found a new BFF.

Loey and Dylan (Wasabi's Mom and Sister, respectively) took these pictures. I'm not sure who took which pictures, but I know some of these were taken by Dylan. That girl can really take a good photo! She knows just how to get down low for a great puppy perspective.

This set is from the pictures that Maggie and I took while the dogs frapped in the back yard. Oh my, they had a good time.

After Wasabi went home, Bella and Baxter crashed; hard. They were so tired that after we fed them fell asleep right next to their dog bowls - didn't budge for the next few hours. Maggie and I can't wait for the next Wasabi visit just for this very reason!


Kelly said...

Oh I love your squishy little puppies!!! :) The part where Bella crawls under the dog house is so adorable!! :)

Aj said...

I love how Bella scoots herself underneath the dog house, and poor Wasabi, wanting to go underneath it too, haha.

a corgi said...

such cute videos/pictures! Wasabi looked all ready to play; he really was gentle withi the pups; too bad Bella was a "bit" shy about the whole thing. glad you found something that tired them out :)