Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Bella and Baxter have had a rough couple of weeks since their Gender Nullification procedure! We had to keep them separated per Vet's orders, and while it wasn't fun for any of us, we certainly didn't want to run the risk of a torn stitch or worse yet, another trip to the OR.

Even once they had their cones off, we still had to wait until they could be in the same room. Why, you ask? Because they are attack monsters! If they run, they roll; if they chase, they tackle; if they're left alone for more than a second or two, mayhem ensues!

So...we went to back to when they were little puppies and broke out the pen to keep them separated, but MAN, did they miss each other!

P.S. While these photos look like Baxter was in segregation moreso than Bella, believe me, she had her turn on many occasion! (She can be a real turd - but a cute little turd.)

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