Wednesday, October 14, 2009


BnB love their toys! We're keenly aware puppies need chew toys so we've loaded up! We have a basket in the kitchen, a basket in the basement, a scattering of toys in the office, toys in the dining room, and toys in the bedroom. They have tons of toys (in addition to the requisite rawhides left slimed all around the house), and we keep buying them.

One day BnB were playing in the kitchen rather loudly so I went to see what was going on. I walk in to see this:

And when they saw me they looked like this:

And in their attempt to cover up a crime, this comes flying out (close-up):

I picked it up thinking they had gotten a hold of something they had no business messing with (what, I couldn't tell), and the both of them popped out of the crate giving me that wide-eyed blink-blink of the eyes. I'm sure if they could have, they would have each pointed to the other one and said, "She/He did it!"

To see if I could find any more fragments of *whatever*, I stuck my head in the crate and pulled out the answer to my question:

Aaahhhh....good times.

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Aj said...

Aww, the toy has the perfect expression. Time to get out the needle and thread!