Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tongue-waggin' Good Time

Bella loves the ball, but Baxter loves the Frisbee.

After a round or two (or three, or ten...) of catch with the ball, it was Baxter's turn to shine with the Frisbee.
He hasn't quite learned to "catch" the Frisbee, he sorta just lets us throw it and then he runs to pick it up. He's quite proud of himself, but it's very likely he's just glad Bella didn't get it first. If he was smart, he'd know that she really doesn't care that much about the Frisbee; her thing is the ball.

When she does pay attention to it, he sometimes let's her help him carry it back to us. While it looks like they share nicely, they really don't -- again, I think Baxter picks his battles.

Anyway, when all is said and done, you can tell they've had a tongue-waggin' good time.


Aj said...
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Aj said...

Bella's tongue looks unreal, haha.
Ein and Brian help each other carry the toy that I throw too. It's the cutest thing ever :)

Karen said...

so funny how they are both carrying the fribee.....bella seems like the alpha and a little bully sometimes :) but shes so cute

poor baxter haha

are they both the same age?
and are they from different litters?

Annie and Maggie said...

@Karen -- Bella IS a bully, but Baxter is learning how to take care of himself which causes some pretty interesting arguments!

They are from the same litter - Bella was the runt, Baxter was the big ol' baked potato. He looks like his Dad and she looks like her Mom with matching temperaments!

Both are a little over 1 year. They still keep us hoppin!