Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bella and her Bowl

While Bella has some issues regarding aggressiveness (Some? HA!), she is also the smart one of the bunch. Here's a short video of Bella and her bowl after dinner. She does this all the time.

Baxter would do it, too, but his bowl is ceramic and too heavy. Instead, he just tries to eat his.


a corgi said...

Baxter is going to have bowl envy and want the same one Bella has! how cute! do they share the same crate?? I wonder if Bella is going to be a red-head tri; both are so cute!


Kelly said...

Too cute! It must be so fun to have 2 fluffy bums running around your house at once :)

Annie and Maggie said...

Bella is probably going to be a redhead tri -- her Mom is. Baxter is the more laid back one, probably because Bella is the alpha - overly alpha (Bella has a bit of an aggression issue we're trying to stop before she gets much older), but she's smart smart smart! We are crate training them separately because they need their own space and to learn to be their own person (that sounds funny but it's sorta true). Also, we're working on training them separately so Baxter will catch up in the brains department. He's a real lover though. Sweet as pie.

Aj said...

Maybe you can give Bella the ceramic bowl too so she can't carry it.