Thursday, July 30, 2009


As with all babies, they have to move from the bassinet to the crib. It's no different for puppies -- they have to move from the piddle-pad-protected kitchen to their very own crates. Because they are siblings, we understand they have to learn to be individuals to avoid various monster-like traits (read: Bella!); part of that training is done by providing them with their own beds.

Last Friday night, we decided it was time for operation crate sleeping. It went remarkably well, considering it was their first time sleeping alone without the other's belly to cuddle up to (yes, it's okay to whimper at the thought). To mark such a momentous occasion, we shot a short video of their initial reaction to the crates.

I was up until 1am making sure they had water to drink and then the associated potty break in the back yard (yes, I wore my pajamas out there). I was so tired at one point, I almost justified sleeping on the dog bed with my arms around Baxter.

The nights since have been much better. Sure they still get up in the early morning (4am-ish), but they seem to be understanding that this is what happens. Another right of passage, I suppose.


a corgi said...

too cute! I had to turn the sound off because my corgi, Koda, was all upset wondering who was crying.

they will get used to it and if you put them in their crates when you leave them alone, they'll even begin to anticipate when you are going and go into the crates themselves. Koda has an incredible sense of timing; he knows by our actions or whatever, but he knows when to go in his crate.

My advice, don't let them sleep on your bed. You will regret it, for sure. Corgis are notorious bed hogs!


Aj said...

I also had to turn the sound off because mine heard the whimpering.

True, they both need their own space to retreat to. Maybe you can put a stuffed doll in their crate so it's something they can cuddle up with while sleeping.

Anonymous said...

omg! I took the advice from the other posts and had my volume down way low..and 'Mom and Dad' (Yoda and Phoebe) still heard them! Very cute. I can't believe how big they are.

Kelly said...

Awww poor babies! I am sure they will get used to it though :)

Apparently my sound was low enough, because Gibson did not seem to notice them.. hehe