Monday, July 27, 2009

An Open Letter from Bella and Baxter

Dear friends and family,

Thank you so much for coming to our party, and the presents -- oh those presents, they were wonderful!

And thank you to everyone who donated to the Oregon Humane Society; we love that you were able to help out our fellow canine brothers and sisters because all dogs need a good home with their own bed and a place to pee.

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When Mom tallied up the guest list, she told us there were 40 people who showed up all for US! Wow - it's like we're celebrities! She said many of you traveled a long way, and it was hot outside! You must really like us!

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Aunt Julie brought this one kid who came to the party; we don't know, we think his name was Regis. Someone said he was our brother but we don't think he really looks like us, except for the big paws, the single up ear, the bunny butt, and the coloring. No. Couldn't be related. We tried to bite his face off though, but that kid is a fighter! My Mom tried really hard to get a picture of the three of us together, but we wiggled and clawed our way out of it. We're not puttin' up with that nonsense!

We can tell you this though, a certain little boy named Seth came to our party; boy do we love him! When we were very little, he used to pack us all around. He is a great big brother!

We saw Hanna, too! She is the nicest friend. Did you know she gave us goody bags when we left to go live with our Moms? That was the coolest thing ever!

There was this other little boy at the party - his name was Thomas. He really liked our new doggy house. We liked his smile! We hope we grow up to be as cute as he is.

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Here's a list of all our goodies people brought for us:

My cousin Caitlin brought us 2 squeaky dog toys with real long legs so we can pull and tug on them for hours! And she brought us some real healthy cookies; we can't wait to give those a try.

Aunt Loey and Uncle Andy came, but my cousin Dylan couldn't make it; she didn't let her Mom and Dad come empty-handed though! Dylan made us SnickerPoodles! Those cookies ROCK! We're real happy Dylan is going to visit us in a few weeks.

Our Aunt Melissa brought us a big ol' bag of goodies; 2 dog toys, peanut butter cookies (did she know all dogs love peanut butter?), crazy "chuck-it" balls that you can stuff treats in (they make Uncle Darwin go wild), and some healthy dog food in a sausage looking wrapper. Wow - we hit the motherload!

Aunt Laura drove all the way from Mt. Hood (that's a mountain that is way bigger than we are) just to see us! She brought us these awesome squeaking Kong bones. How did she know we L.O.V.E. squeaky toys?

Aunt Karen, who's really like our Grandma Karen but she's not - she's just our Aunt, she brought us some yummy cookies with blue frosting from Paws for a Cause out in Troutdale. She said they GAVE them to her all for us! Sheesh - we have friends all over the place! And not only that, Grandma mean
Aunt Karen gave us these cool (pardon the pun) H20 water toys! We think she thinks we're going to play with these in our pool but we're sorta not in love with the pool yet; but on a hot day, the pool might be just the thing for 2 dogs wearing fur coats!

Aunt Kathy, she used to work with our Momma, she brought us Perrier water, probably because we are royalty. Yeah, that's it. We're sure of it.

Our cousin Rocky couldn't come because we haven't had all our shots, but his Mom, our Aunt Patty was very generous. We each got our own bag full of treats and squeaky toys! She even brought a bag for Uncle Darwin! She thinks of everything. We can't wait until we can meet Rocky because he has ears and a tail like Uncle Darwin; more to bite!

Uncle Spencer and Aunt Christina came to the party a little late, but all was well because they brought treats, too! OMG - very delicious (and healthy, too!) chicken bites wrapped in apple! Pinch us, we must be dreaming!

And remember our awesome big brother Seth and his friend Hanna-banana? Well, they brought us tennis balls balls that squeak! Hanna even gave our Moms a picture frame so they can look at our sweet faces and remember how cute we are forever! Those are two amazing kids. We love them for sure!

Aunt Sarah, she works with our Mommy, she gave us our gift early. Oh man...Booda stuffed toys just our size! The best part? They have noses we can chew on! We are in Dog Heaven!

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Our Mom is real sorry she didn't get more pictures during the party. She had some lame excuse about being busy; she always says she's busy. Whatever.

We just want to say
thank you, from the bottom of our bunny butts. Just having you here was more than we could have asked...and the goodies were great, too!

With much love and gratitude,
Bella and Baxter
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