Monday, July 20, 2009

Pool Party

The summer heat just wears BnB down! They get up and play for about an hour, then sleep for three. Baxter doesn't even like to go outside when it's hot; he'll go out to go potty but that's it! I think his coat is a bit heavier than Bella's (or he's a wimp, which is probably a more accurate statement).

I spent a good portion of my Saturday in search of a small kiddie pool. Let me tell ya, after a week of hot weather, it's almost impossible to find a pool of any kind! I finally found one at - believe it or not - Ace Hardware.

This video is their maiden voyage into the kiddie pool.

They have gone swimming in a regular in-ground pool and Bella seemed to like it (Baxter acted more like it was a right of passage). While we'd like to take them in the big pool, it's really not a good idea. We don't want them to think they can just go jump in any time - what if they jump in when we're not ready to save them?! So, we're not doing that again; a creek, maybe, but the big pool, nah. It's really more for our fun and not their safety. (Okay, it was more for *my* impulsive fun and have since been corrected as such - Annie.)

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a corgi said...

that was so cute to watch Bella/Baxter in the pool (well Baxter more than Bella, LOL). I often wondered if Koda would like a small little pool like this, I can't imagine he would; he's not fond of baths in the bath tub, he might think the pool is an outdoor bath.

he doesn't like the heat either; I think they just wilt in it