Monday, July 13, 2009

Up Ears!

Bella has been our stand-out puppy; the bossy one, the first to really get the hang of the dog door, and the first to get an up ear. Today, finally, Baxter has an up ear!

As usual, Bella can't be bested, so her 2nd ear is popping up, too!

It's worth noting that these up ears are not always a permanent thing; they'll be up for awhile and then the next time we look over, they're back down. I caught Baxter's ear in mid-downedness... (airplane head)

Bella's first up ear, however, has stayed up and is now moving toward looking a little weird - sorta like an ear comb-over. This could be normal; we just don't know!

And just for cute-sake:

Darwin is so over all the fuss about puppies, although he doesn't mind sleeping in their tiny beds.

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