Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Incredibly Busy 2 Days with 2 Corgis We Love

It's been quite busy in the last 2 days here at Puppyville Mansion. I started thinking I'd just write one thing that happened each day, but I quickly realized so much happens I can't possibly narrow it all down!

Bella the Yoga-Mistress
Bella seems to be quite creative at sleeping. Margaret snapped this picture yesterday (7/14) but it's not the first time we've seen her do this. Granted, she doesn't stay this way for her entire 2 or 3 hour nap, but she does hold this position longer than the average human!
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A little closer to prove she is actually sleeping!
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Bike Trailer Ride

I picked up this bike trailer on Craigslist for a song and modified it to work for the kids (as opposed to human kids). It was just before their bedtime (and ours) but they weren't tiring so I had the brilliant idea to take them on a maiden voyage in the new bike trailer (sans bike). They didn't know quite what to think of this contraption, and since I didn't have the proper collar tie-downs yet, Bella took a nose dive off the front end, falling on her head. Seeing how well this worked for Bella, Baxter tried the same maneuver a few minutes later. Even with the brain damage from this short trip, they still weren't tired!

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Learning to Walk on a Leash
We're supposed to be teaching the kids to walk on a leash and it's not easy! Mostly, Bella doesn't like to be bossed around (she's the boss-or and we're the boss-ee) and apparently, requesting she walk in the same direction as us is more than she can handle, especially when tired. She barks, snarls, and bites at the leash, eventually giving in by moving about 3 feet.

Baxter, on the other hand, takes to the leash quite differently; he just lays down. That's it -- he plays dead. He will probably get the hang of it sooner or later, sorta like he did with wearing his collar (or any attire).

Once they get going though, they can really run! It takes some manipulation on our part though, like running ahead of them very fast. There's only so much these old ladies can take of that!
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Understanding Dinner Time
I assumed all dogs were born knowing how to smell, and maybe they do, but Bella and Baxter seem to be a little on the slow side of putting two and two together when it comes to "this is food" and "this is your dish". Finally, however, they have come to understand what food is and how important it is for survival!
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BnB clearly know the treat bag means something yummy is about to be dropped down in front of them, and they come running when they see me reach for it. Now they get all manic when the other gets their treat first. I suspect a few fingers will be lost in this training venture.

During dinner, we have to keep them apart so one doesn't eat the food from the other's dish. Bella, the smallest of the two, eats the fastest, but they both have learned to vacuum their food in hopes of finishing first (so they can steal food from the other one).

Bella and Baxter Get Spooked
During a routine wrestling match, all of a sudden, BnB started screaming! I thought one of them bit a little too hard or something, but whatever it was, it scared the b'jeezus out of them; Bella ran one way and Baxter ran the other. I checked them out to make sure no one was injured but as far as I could tell, there was nothing wrong. What I think may have happened is one of them got a tooth caught in a collar, it hurt, they screamed, the other one screamed, and then they were both scared. This video shows the aftermath of the event.

Playing with Uncle Darwin
At last, Darwin has figured out that these 2 monsters aren't leaving and if he plans on surviving their wrath, he better buck up and take part. In this first video, Darwin is being targeted by Baxter.

In this video, Darwin actually stays outside and plays with them for several minutes! It's interesting to see how Bella, the bossy one, sort of holds back from Darwin as if she's not quite sure about him. She makes a lot of noise, but never really goes on the attack until later when she feels a bit more confident.

So you see...a lot can happen in the matter of just 2 days!


nwlaura said...

Those pups are going to make a you'ng out of Darwin! (P.S. If you "click to enlarge" a photo, there's no going back to the blog.)

Annie and Maggie said...

If you click to enlarge, you get back to the blog by simply pressing the back button on your browser.