Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bella and Baxter Go on a Bike Ride

No one can say we don't have fun with our dogs! Because the weather was perfect, I decided it was time to take Bella and Baxter on their first ride in the bike trailer.

This is a picture right after we loaded them in the trailer. Baxter was already making faces at Bella, so I knew I was in for an adventure with these two.

Heading out of the garage, Baxter wonders exactly what is going on.

Off we go into the wild blue yonder, riding by, into the sun... (creative license)

All went well; there was only one time when I had to look back and say, "If I have to stop this bike...!" By the time we got home, they were laying down. I think they liked it!


a corgi said...

what a cute video! I was wondering if they got strapped in or not; nice to see they did, I was thinking it wouldn't be fun if they got tossed from side to side, so to speak. this will be interesting to see how much room they take up as they grow and if it gets crowded with the two of them sharing the trailer

it does look like they enjoyed it for their first adventure!

I know Koda loves car rides; we just have to say "car ride" and he is ready to leave :)

enjoy the day


Dozer and Coop said...

Thanks for the note on buzzing the corgis but actually our vet suggested it after both dogs got into burrs and a skunk and the groomer was at a loss as to how to cure the problem. The vet said they would be fine - we just decided not to share the WHOLE story with all our bloggy friends due to the length and breadth of their adventure. The short answer is the skunk is alive and living the good life in a forest not far from us, and we are $68.00 poorer after the visit to the groomer! LOL!

a corgi said...

hi; I didn't want to post this on your tribute to Darwin because that 'belonged' to him. Don't know if you follow Kelly's blog (Corgi Butts) with her corgi, Gibson, but she's going to make a corgi blog calendar (pictures of corgis who have blogs) and she's looking for pictures of corgis. the profits is going to go to a corgi rescue organization

here's her link if you want to check it out