Monday, August 3, 2009

Bella and Baxter Cruise Fremont Street

We took Bella and Baxter to one of our favorite hot spots in Portland - Fremont Street. Since we decided to get these two puppies, all we've talked about is how fun it will be to take them with us when we go to restaurants with outside seating (where we can have our dogs), Starbucks, and other dog-friendly places.

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It was rather hot out today, but both Bella and Baxter faired quite well. We brought our puppy diaper bag with their lunch (they're on a puppy eating schedule) and a to-go dog water bottle. You may be thinking: "Now wait just a second; a *diaper bag*?" Well, you see, it would be one thing if we just had one dog, but with two, you have to be prepared for anything! It's easier just to cram everything in one bag and call it good. It works. Don't give us crap - there seems to be an abundance of that around this ranch anyway!

The plan was to feed them, feed us, then go for a walk up and down the street. What we hadn't really planned for were the people who went wild over them!

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One entire family (Mom, Dad, daughter, and son) was across the street (a very busy street, I might add) and all of a sudden we heard this high-pitched "OH MY GOD!" and they all came running, dodging cars to get over to us. Apparently, they had a Corgi the same color as Bella ("exactly" they said). The kids whipped out their cell phones and took pictures, petted them, and everyone ooh'd and awe'd. Just as that visit ended, Bella took a gigantic poo right in the middle of the sidewalk. I guess fame has it's downside? (In my mind I heard Bella say, "Thank God those people left. I had to crap like no one's business!")

We continued to walk knowing these short-legged dogs would probably poop-out soon (pardon the pun) so we crossed the street to head back toward the car. Bella said hello to a very big dog at Starbucks. Bella has no fear, and apparently size doesn't bother her! Fortunately, she behaved like a lady.

Not another 10 feet and some guy comes out of a store saying they have a Corgi the same color as Baxter! He picked Baxter up and kept looking in the window of the store saying his wife is going to just love these dogs --- sure enough, she comes out and actually thanks us for walking them down "their" side of the street so they could have a chance to see them. There are Corgi lovers everywhere!

Bella saw a pedal car she really wanted. She took it for a test drive but because there wasn't a second seat for Baxter, she chose to keep on walking.

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All-in-all, it was a great adventure that ended with two dog-tired puppies.

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a corgi said...

LOL; get used to it; everyone seems to love corgis; when out and about, we usuall get at least one comment about how cute Koda is or wondering if he is a corgi, etc. the kids are the funniest because they'll call him a "weiner dog" or they'll wonder why he has such short legs. Its a good learning opportunity for them :)

sounds like Bella/Baxter had a great time on their outing!


JulieandCaleb said...

Hahahaha! I only have one dog and he has his own bag when we go places. You never know if the place will have a water bowl available, so you have to bring one; and what if he gets restless, he needs a chewie to settle him down? And we can't forget the treats, right? Hahaha, I get crap for it too, but whatever. :-)