Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Couple of Squirts

Ahhh...the squirt bottle. When all else fails, give 'em a good squirt, right?

Our previous dogs hated the squirt bottle. In fact, all we had to do was make the squirting noise and hold our hand like we were going to squirt them (sans squirt bottle) and they'd shape right up. Reaching for the squirt bottle meant serious business. That doesn't work with these little monsters. It works to snap them out of whatever rambunctious behavior, but nope - they actually LIKE the squirt bottle.


a corgi said...

so cute!!! its actually a great way to get them to drink water without it being (too) messy :)

Koda doesn't like the squirt gun; he knows to stop barking when he sees it coming

enjoy the day


Aj said...

Cute! I see Baxter's ears are up now!