Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pictures in the Park

Last weekend, we had the joy of getting our photos taken at Columbia Park in North Portland. Julie Flood, of Julie Flood Photography, took our photos and they turned out beautifully! This has been in the works for some time, but we had to wait until 1) we took possession of the puppies, and 2) they had all their shots (parks are sorta off limits if they haven't been immunized).

Bella and Baxter aren't the easiest subjects; Bella's head turns one way, while Baxter is racing off in the other direction, and vice versa. A man with a shopping cart, apparently a very scary shopping cart, had them all riled. And the neighborhood dogs, well, they had a lot of nerve being in the same park! Still, Julie managed to get quite a few great shots. Whenever BnB are being particularly obnoxious, I just look at these pictures and fall back in love all over again.

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a corgi said...

so cute!! love the first one of them! I think you know about the corgi calendar Kelly over at Corgi Butts is making to benefit a corgi rescue organization. if you need details, let me know (email She's looking for corgi pictures from people who blog about corgis; BnB would be so cute if you want to submit some pictures (deadline 9/30)


Annie and Maggie said...

Thanks Betty! I sent her a whole bunch of pics when the contest first started. :-) Can't wait to see her calendar!

Lindsey said...

Love these!!!!!!