Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tongues That Could Stretch Around the Globe

Training, training, training...tactics, tactics, tactics...focus, focus, focus... this is our life.

We're still training BnB on a number of skills, but this one is the nemesis of most pet owners: trimming nails.

Why is it that I have absolutely no recollection of trimming dog nails when I was a kid? Did this just magically happen in the night? I don't know but training a dog to allow such adventures is far more challenging than it should be. I remember this being a challenge with our other dogs, but this - this is a new ballgame.

Neither Bella or Baxter like having their feet touched; Bella is slightly better at it than Baxter, who just screams (see previous posts). We've done the requisite touching/handling their feet since they were infants. We've done the whole letting-them-smell-and-feel-the-trimmers thing. We've done the treats-first thing. NOTHING WORKS PEOPLE.

Peanut butter, the final tactic in our arsenal of training tactics, was suggested as something to keep their mind focused elsewhere while clipping away. Not so sure it's going to accomplish the final goal, but dang, it's fun to watch!

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a corgi said...

too cute!! I've never tried peanut butter with Koda yet.....might just have to :)

enjoy Sunday :)