Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby Teeth!

Baxter lost his first three baby teeth (that we know of)!!!
*Update - he's now lost 4 teeth. Interesting thing though - Bella spit out Baxter's 4th tooth. We have no idea what sort of shenanigans went on to produce that outcome, but we checked and Bella has lost no teeth, but Baxter was missing another. Go figure.

Here's a picture before:

And after:

They look a little gross because he had been chewing a rawhide. Bleh!

We don't think Bella has lost any yet. She gave us a good view!  Say, "Ahhhh!"


Aj said...

Now he can put those teeth under his bed and the tooth fairy will come and leave him a treat! :P

Annie and Maggie said...

Baxter would love that, especially since he's completely food driven! Now to go find that fairy...

Freya's Human said...

I saved my puppy's teeth when she lost them. Well--I saved as many as I could which I think is only two.

It was so cute to watch her teeth transform and fall out and come back in. Nothing is more ferocious than a puppy with gums snarling at you.

Annie and Maggie said...

@Freya -- teething puppies and bare feet are no match! Especially if you're at all foot sensitive...don't even tickle me! :-)