Monday, October 19, 2009

The Great Pumpkin...Patch

Another first for BnB -- a pumpkin patch! Well, not really a pumpkin patch but one we threw together so they'd at least get to see a pumpkin this Fall/Halloween season. I desperately wanted to take them to a pumpkin patch, but here in the Northwest, it's pretty soggy and muddy. As fond as I was of the idea, I wasn't so fond of the idea of having to put 2 wet and muddy dogs in the car. So here you have the small sampling of photos taken, few in number only because getting both of them to sit, stay, wait, look this way, etc., was next to impossible. (I do sort of wish we had a video of us trying to make all this happen - picture Laurel and Hardy.)

When we first introduced them to the pumpkins, both were a little afraid of those big orange orbs. I actually had to put my hand on the pumpkins and convince them that they wouldn't bite! Once that fear was forgotten, we set the stage...well, sorta.

Baxter was most interested in gnawing on the stem. Bella really couldn't care less. She was mostly interested in rooting around in the leaves. This was as close as we could get to having them both look in almost the same direction!

We decided to split them up and take individual photos. Baxter is actually better at the "sit-stay" command than Bella, however, he hasn't fully mastered the "stay-until-I-say-okay" command. Nonetheless, we were able to get quite a few great shots of him. This is my favorite because, well, he's just so darn cute! A full-ear salute!


I'm throwing this picture in only because it shows the seriousness with which he takes gnawing on that pumpkin stem! Remember, he's teething!


And Bella, our regal little princess. You can tell how much smaller she is than Bax. I'm not sure she was feeling particularly perky that day. She is just entering the teething phase but wasn't nearly as interested in those pumpkin stems as Baxter.


So there you have it, the great pumpkin...patch!


Kelly said...

cute!! Gibson loved the stems last year too when he was teething :)

Aj said...

Cute pictures!

Freya's Human said...

Such sweet pictures! You have gorgeous puppies.

From the pictures, I'm beginning to think that Freya is a smaller corgi than normal.

Annie and Maggie said...

Baxter and Bella are just a little over 5 months old and Bella weighs in at around 19 lbs. -- Baxter, he's a big boy (the baked potato of the litter) and has about 4 lbs on Bella. We think Bella is on the small side but they haven't finished growing yet (we think).

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Mr. Ruffles loves these pics. Thanks B&B !!

ocmist said...

Great job! Those ARE beautiful pics! So... how old are your babies? 7-8 months? I KNOW it is really difficult to get more than one dog to sit in a way that you can take a good pic! Linda