Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mr. & Miss February

BnB are cute, no exception...and because they are as cute as they are, they won a contest! Well, not really a "cuteness contest" per se, but a calendar contest! Bella and Baxter will be featured on the February layout.

The great thing about this Calendar Contest is that profits from the sale of this calendar benefit the Lakeshore Corgi Rescue Club in Illinois. But I live in Oregon, so why not give to a rescue club in Oregon? Well, Kelly, from Corgibutts lives in Illinois and since she's the brains behind this operation (as well as her absolutely adorable corgi Gibson), that's where the funds are going. It's great to support any and all rescue clubs, no matter the location IMO. So come on folks, order a calendar and then stare at the February page!

Here's where you can order: Send me a good lookin' corgi calendar, please!


Kelly said...

Yay! And the Lakeshore Rescue is more than just Illinois: they support purebred corgis in the Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota area, and occasionally take in corgis from other rescues that need assistance as well! :)

Annie and Maggie said...

@Kelly -- I took a guess that you're from Illinois. Am I right?

Go Lakeshore Rescue!

a corgi said...

congrats! I ordered one already and plan to give it away on my blog to advertise it more :)