Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Digs

As much as BnB play loudly in the car, so loud in fact, we almost lose consciousness, we decided the best mode of transportation was to have them in separate crates. We didn't think much of it until they broke our hearts by peering through the small window-like openings at each other...and then whimpering. Can you say: WRAPPED AROUND OUR TINY FINGERS?

I had been planning on creating some McGyver-like dog seats for them where they were strapped in yet could look out the window and most importantly, see each other. With all that life has to offer (how's that for a positive spin on being too damn busy to think?), we decided to buy them cage crates.

The first night, Bella didn't know quite what to think. In fact, I think she wondered if she was being tricked. Be afraid, very afraid.

Baxter just panted (more like hyperventilated) for the first half-hour. When asked what he thought about his new crate, this is how he responded:

Until we saw the picture, we didn't realize what a long tongue that boy had!

Later, after all was calm, we saw Baxter all snuggled up with his hedgy.


a corgi said...

cute! I'm thinking they're going to outgrow these soon??


Aj said...

That's a good idea! They're un-separable aren't they? :)

Annie and Maggie said...

I don't think they're going to outgrow them any time soon -- but don't quote me on that! The pictures make the crates look small but they really aren't. We originally bought the size larger, but it was big enough for a dalmation! Way too big!

Laura C said...

So are these crates for travel only? Yes, that is the longest dog tongue in Portland!! I love the ASPCA moniker on the front: just verifying that the jail house is a legitimate jail house (ha ha).

Annie and Maggie said...

Nope - these are for night-time sleeping, too. They fit perfectly in the car though, and BnB can see out the windows AND each other.

I caught them kissing through the crates the other day. Pretty darn cute.