Monday, November 23, 2009

Is It Okay to Kiss a Stranger?

Dear Internet,

Thank you. Thank you for suggesting we take BnB to PetSmart for nail trimming.

We knew it was about time to tackle the task of trimming BnB's nails again and we weren't looking forward to it. I decided to give the professionals a call, warning them that these two are difficult. They shrugged off my warnings as nothing. Of course, I rolled my eyes at their naiveté because, after all, they hadn't heard a scream to the likes of one little Baxter. Surely they were in for a surprise.

I nervously took Bella in first, leaving Baxter in the car with Maggie. They fawned over her while I thought to myself, "You're in for a big surprise!"  They placed her on the table, lifted her up waist high and proceeded to grind her nails using a Dremel. I couldn't believe my eyes! No fighting. No biting. No yelping!  I grabbed my cell phone and snapped this picture before it was all over (sorry for the terrible picture but I was in shock!).  A mere 5 minutes later - DONE!

I took her out to the car, brought Baxter in and said, "Okay, now - he really IS a tough one."

They said, "Ah, they yell because they think we're going to give in, but we don't," waving my concerns off with a hand.

I said, "Well, he screams...loud. Okay, here ya go!"

Sure enough, Baxter put up a short fight, but she just called someone else over to help, and before I knew it they, too, were done. A few squeals - that's all!

I was so happy with how well this went, I swear, I wanted to hug and kiss those gals.

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Puppy on a Roomba said...

Sometimes my Daddy takes parts of my puppy nails. I wiggle and screech, but he still does it. Those are mine and I wants them back!!! My nice groomer lady gives me doggie treats though.