Monday, December 14, 2009

The Whereabouts of BnB

Bella and Baxter are doing fine -- my hard drive, not so much. I have to replace it which means time; that of which I have none! Sorry, but no pictures this post.

Bella and Baxter are going to obedience training and doing great! Baxter has become a master with several of the agility pieces; climbing up one side and down the other, through the tube, etc. He's also learning "leave it" which has come in quite handy when we catch him trying to shred the newspaper or snatch a winter scarf from the coat rack!

Bella is learning the basics, too, like the "wait" command, letting me walk all the way around her before I give her the "okay" command to move. It's interesting how she is submissive in class; even peeing on the floor when a big dog comes her way (not bad, just a bit). This is a far cry from her pushy alpha behavior at home! We're working on that, too.

As time goes by, these two have become quite good little dogs. For awhile there, I was wondering if I needed a check-up from the neck up. Whew-ee - they put us through the paces! Now they have free roam of the house (with a watchful eye, of course). We've managed to avoid any eaten couches or chairs, but Baxter has learned to escape the wrath of Bella by leaping up in a chair - a big no-no! As you can imagine, "OFF" is being taught in obedience class!

We had their picture taken with Santa Claus at Petsmart but it was a really bad photo! Santa was a girl who looked a little shell-shocked by the whole event; I suspect she was roped into being Santa as the real Santa didn't show up. Next year we plan to get a better photo from the Oregon Humane Society.

If we ever get snow this year, we'll be sure to take photos of BnB's first snow experience and post them here!

Happy Holidays! Stay warm and safe!


macqueen429 said...

Hi! My first time posting on your blog - just wanted to say I love it! BnB are so cute - they are so very 'Corgi' in their behavior!
(Mom to Loki the Tri-color Pembroke)

Aj said...

How's Baxter and Bella doing? It's been a while since you posted!