Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sumo Claw Wrestling

That's what it feels like when it's claw trimming day. I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem...okay, yes I am, but this is the hardest bout of claw trimming I've EVER had to do.

Insert photo here because we surely weren't going to take any photos or video for fear Animal Cops would show up on our doorstep!

Our other dogs would wrestle us when they were pups, sure. Eventually they would figure out that having their pedicure was just another canine right of passage. Bella and Baxter have managed to set the bar much higher than our imagination could ever take us!

You'll remember Baxter and his slight problem with screaming, right? This, too, happens at home whenever his little paws are feeling the slightest bit threatened. Bella doesn't scream as much, but for the 17 or so pounds that she is, she has enough will power and strength to take down Godzilla on a bad day.

Today, my plan was to wear gloves --- not latex gloves, not Playtex gloves, but those thick gardening gloves; this in an effort to protect my hands from the respective puppy bites I was sure to endure. We also put the cone of shame on them to at least limit their ability to reach their feet. I had the requisite bowl of kibble treats to hand out frequently, risking the digits necessary to do my daily job and to type this very blog. Maggie put their leashes on them, reducing their ability to bolt. We plunked down a large, fluffy, dog bed in hopes of lulling them into a sense of calm...and then threw down the gauntlet starting with Baxter.

I'd give you the gory details but let's just leave it at all of us feeling like we'd been to a one-legged ass-kickin' contest...and none of us won.

Our biggest concern is this form of trauma can't be good as young pups (nor for adults!). We have to figure out a better method. I took to the internet and got hits for using the Dremel or PediPaw (of which we own and have tried to no avail), peanut butter on a spoon, taking them to PetSmart (the behavior wouldn't stop for them though), and lastly, sedation. - Heavy Sigh - Any ideas?

With faces like these, it's hard to imagine. Not only that, they're totally messing with our "perfect parent" image.


Kelly said...

Gibson has gotten ridiculous when it comes to nail trimming too lately. He used to do fine w/the pedipaws as long as I had a treat near by for him to eat after each nail, but lately I can barely get through 1 without him throwing a complete fit! So, I don't think I am any help in the advice department! I've actually been thinking of taking him to a groomer to get it done (and I've never taken him to a groomer...ever!)

Freya's Human said...

I have that problem too with Freya. She wiggles like crazy and then won't be still long enough that I can see what I'm doing. She will also start growling and barking and's a huge production. For some reason, she didn't have the opportunity with the Vet when he did it. Of course, he did it quick and nonchalantly with her standing up and another guy holding her head so she couldn't do too much.

Like Kelly, I was considering just going the Petsmart Route. I kind of want them to do the ears too or maybe a bath. The sick little part of me wants Freya to get a pawdicure with nail polish. Sigh...I'm becoming more and more like one of those moms. It's bad enough I put clothes on her.

ocmist said...

To keep the biting to a minimum, you might try using a long soft cloth and making a muzzle...

Isn't it amazing how strong the little boogers are!!?? My OC HATES having her nails trimmed and BG's not far behind, but they ARE better with the Pedipaws than with the nail clippers.

Lindsey said...

I want to say a HUGE thank you for your email. It meant so much to me, Thank you! It's taken me awhile, but I am finally getting back to you. Thank you for sharing your story, your email truly was helpful. Baxter & Bella are just adorable!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

We have fairly good luck with the Pedipaws, except the nails don't get as short as they need to be.
Your corgi kids are really, really beautifully marked, and just plain cute!

Anonymous said...

Is it always really necessary to trim them? I walk my puppy maybe two miles a day, with occasional longer excursions - some of it is in the park, some of it on sidewalks. That's enough to file down his nails to the point that they don't tap against the floor. Could you take your little ones for more walks on hard surfaces? It's the easiest solution I've found with my 6-month-old corgi (who doesn't really bite, or make noise, but definitely wriggles to the point where I'm afraid of hurting him).