Sunday, May 16, 2010

BnB turn One

Bella and Baxter turned one year old today! These two little dogs are the loves of our lives even if they have eaten shoes, slippers, linoleum, wood molding, and dig holes in the back yard.

For their birthday, we took them through the drive-thru at Jack 'n the Box for a plain cheeseburger. We're not at all sure if they really understood why, but we did. And...they didn't give two hoots about us singing happy birthday to them either. Whatever.

Since February, Bella and Baxter have been going to doggy daycare at Stay Pet Hotel. They love it! All we have to do is get the crates out to put in the car and they go nuts! We're so happy they have such a neat place to go (that and the fact that it completely wears them out).

We just attended the Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash. Bella was the only canine participant from our house because poor little Baxter has kennel cough. I'm not sure if he was disappointed but I know the humans were!

I'll try to do a better job at posting. Seems life takes over and the days get shorter.


JulieandCaleb said...

Happy Birthday Bella & Baxter!

Aj said...

Happy 1st Birthday Bella and Baxter!

Kelly said...

Yay! Happy Birthday BnB!! :)

I am sorry about the Kennel Cough :( That is the worst.

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the hats :)

macqueen429 said...

Happy Birthday BnB! They look so cute in their hats. Hope Baxter is feeling better soon!

Freya's Human said...

Happy Birthday Bella and Baxter!