Monday, May 31, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby...

I'm happy to report that Baxter has fully recovered from his kennel cough. They're both still struggling with colitis -- it's like a poop factory around here! They are getting better though, and living on a diet of white rice with softened kibble.

Back to the point of this post.

Sort of by accident, we discovered BnB are both willing to dunk their snouts in the water bowl to retrieve ice. We'd gone for a long walk and for some reason, I couldn't get Baxter to drink water. I threw a couple of pieces of ice in his water dish and lo and behold, he practically dunked his whole head trying to snag that ice! Then, Bella tried, but when she did it, she blew audible bubbles! What a riot!

For your viewing pleasure:


Karen said...

that is so cute!!! bella and baxter are funny little ones! i enjoy your blog and i love hearing about them and watching the cute little videos!


Kelly said...

hehe, too cute :) They are so polite to not steal the other one's ice but instead to go get one one their own out of the bowls!

Anonymous said...

Why should I be cleaning my kitchen when I can sit and watch these two ice cube sipping pups? So cute. Our pup likes cubes to push around the floor like a ball...but we have to watch her when she tires of it.