Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rawhide Wars

Maggie recently discovered that giving BnB one rawhide between the two makes them play and play until they're all tired out (in turn, giving us a break!).

In the video below, you'll see them romping on, over, and under a platform (the base for a soon-to-be dog house). Baxter, the huskier of the two, tries desperately to hop but it looks more like an old man trying to skip. Bella, on the other hand, is quite agile and can bounce just about anywhere.

As Bella's the smaller one, she can dive under the platform, keeping the rawhide out of Baxter's reach until he wiggles his fat butt under the platform. He's learned that one side of the platform is much easier to get under so he'll often attempt climbing under one side, then race around to the other side where he's sure to make it underneath.

Baxter is also easily distracted. You'll see him with the rawhide, gnawing away at it, and then Bella will let out a sharp bark; Baxter stops chewing, looks up, and Bella goes in for the rawhide, successfully snatching it away. It's worth noting that Bella doesn't really spend a lot of time chewing on a rawhide; she mostly likes to keep it away from Baxter.

If you have 10 minutes to watch this entire video, we're sure you'll find it quite amusing. But then again, we're a little gah-gah over these monsters so decide for yourself.

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