Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's a Fact;They're Brilliant

It was early as early can be for a weekend morning. BnB wouldn't go back to sleep after their early morning breakfast with Maggie, so I took the 2nd shift. As I sat on the back porch watching over them to make sure they didn't wake the neighbors, I couldn't believe my eyes --- they started sharing a rawhide. No sparks. No barking. No fighting. They were sharing!

I quickly grabbed the camera (as quick as one can be in a pre-coffee slumber) and took these photos. I'm choosing to include the entire slide show to prove that this event wasn't a fluke, it really lasted a long time! I'm not saying this will ever happen again, but it's something I've never seen in my lifetime!

I finally gave in to the fact that I wasn't going back to bed any time soon, so I made coffee, did the dishes, cleaned up the house a bit, and drank said coffee...then the puppies went to sleep. My luck. But they shared!

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a corgi said...

so cute; hoping they continue to share things as they continue to grow.